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Fingers grip hard flesh..
Working slowly, Steadily..
Building up speed..
Wishing the hand on me was yours…

Sinful Sunday

  1. imagodiva says:

    Very nice! Just the right amount of hide & seek, along with the angle of the pic needing an extra look to sort out, perfect! Thanks for sharing with everyone, not just the intended recipient. 😉

  2. Woah there…what a lovely picture 🙂

  3. Yet another super sexy photo!

  4. Slave Anastassia says:

    You know.. until I saw your photo’s I was never really one to like penis pics, but you have such a knack for presenting it artfully and somewhat subtly. This is awesome!

  5. dizzygirl812 says:

    Wow, I love the peek. Looks like quite a handful.

  6. Miss July says:


    xxx Miss July xxx

  7. kikamystik says:

    Well hot damn I wish it were mine as well. Lovely picture!

  8. Silverdrop says:

    I was just talking to SilverHubby about there not being enough cock entries on Sinful Sunday! 🙂

  9. Karen Soutar says:

    I agree with all the above comments. A glimpse is much sexier than a full frontal, especially if you have a sexy imagination like mine… 😉
    Love the photo and the words. xx

  10. mmmm so yummy!!!

    Rebel xox

  11. I could say how well you composed this shot, the element of what you see vs. what you don’t, etc. but the other comments address that. I will be crass and say it is hotter than hammered hell.

  12. WOW looks like a handful or should I say a mouthful? 😉

  13. KaziG says:

    I wish it was too! 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  14. Molly says:

    *warms hands…. Oh wait, not me 😉

    Stunning shot and have I mentioned my thoughts on fly button jeans? *grins


  15. Always sensual, always tasteful, always lovely!

  16. ThatPosition says:

    Enough to see a bit and ask for more .. tempting as always:)
    Great shoot!

  17. You really do the most amazing things with a) black and white, b) fur, and c) teasing cock shots. More of all will be eagerly lapped up!

    xx Dee

  18. Mia Lee says:

    This is seriously hot.




    Mia x

  19. John says:

    Lovely suggestive picture 🙂

  20. debradml says:

    I do appreciate your talent with your photography skills ….but sometimes too they are just so damn arousing hot and yummy! Thank-you for sharing ;-P

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