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Took this in the shower-room at work of all places. I stuck my iPhone with blu-tac to the shower cubicle door and set it with a 10-second timer. Just long enough to get back infront of the full length frosted window. No fancy lights etc just plain old diffused sun 🙂


Sinful Sunday

Looking out the window….

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Looking out the window,
Wondering what to do,
Thinking thoughts that make me smile,
Thinking thoughts of you…

Just curious…

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I was considering offering professionally printed and mounted copies of any of my images (photos/sketches) on here (and any I add in future) in a range of sizes. Prices would depend on size/if you required card mount or not etc.

Would anyone actually be interested?

(I will point out before anyone mentions me being full of myself etc that this post came about as a few folk have already mentioned wanting copies. )


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Taken this morning in natural light with iPhone (and converted to bw on iPhone too).. Nothing fancy at all but just thought I’d share


Self explanatory this one… Single flash from my “seated” right about 8-10 feet away means hard shadows. Not too high, maybe chest height so shadows land in all the right places 🙂


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Just relaxing… (mostly… 😉 )

Sinful Sunday

Sultry vixen…

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Took this image during a photoshoot with the wonderfully lovely @Carolmaps .

She kindly allowed me to show this pic and I’m glad because she looks bloody gorgeous 🙂

Taking hold…

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Apologies but been a hellishly busy week so this is just a shot from a shoot previously done this week

Sinful Sunday

Lighting diagram for tomorrow

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Here’s the first lighting diagram that I promised, it’s for tomorrow’s Sinful Sunday image but it should give an idea (plus its the same set up for the last pic I posted on here too.

2 speed lights were used. As I primarily use off-camera flash I use two cheap flash units from eBay (£30 each) and they are triggered by cheap eBay triggers too (you can see a pattern here!)

First flash is fired across the body from maybe 8 feet away. It provides the hard shadows on the body. (If a large light source is used, for example a soft box a bit closer, the shadows become soft. Small light source = hard crisp shadow) The second flash is approx 8 foot in the air on a stand pointing down at the shoulders to provide a rim light which separates the body from the background.

If I didn’t use this then the body would kinda merge with the background.

Processing-wise there wasn’t a great deal done at all. A slight boost in contrast and some cloning to remove the light stand from behind me.

And that as they say is that 🙂

Easy pea


Just to show

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I can actually do “normal” photos too :p