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Frame in a frame…

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Messing about with Paper again.. REALLY liking this app now 🙂

Shadows and light

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Kinda struggled for an image this week for various reasons so this is about as sinful as its getting 😦 sorry


Sinful Sunday

The secret is….

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Knowing which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn…..

And of course, me being “me” automatically means I’m gonna fuck that up.

I saw this today and it got me thinking about choices I’d made and again, of course, I go and make another wrong one and burnt a bridge or two that I instantly regretted (even though I know it was the right thing to do)

So the moral is…. Be VERY careful about choices you make… They might not all be life changing but some definitely are….



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Maybe this is rich coming from me after my “self doubt” post but in order to advance in any field one has to stand out.. So this is me making my first small step to being less of a pussy and actually doing something positive rather than moaning and bitching

Thank you to those who have out up with my shit and not bailed on me just yet :*

Thoughts of you…

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“There’s this thing, they have in French: l’esprit d’escalier. The spirit of the stairway. I don’t think we have a word for it in English. It means, well, the clever things you think to yourself when you’re on the way out. All the cool stuff you wish you’d said at the time…”

Well i don’t have anything clever, all I’m going to say is you had your chance…

(Quote taken from “Death, the high cost of living” by Neil Gaiman, Chris Bachalo, Mark Buckingham and Dave McKean)

Behind bars…

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Been thinking a lot lately and ill take this opportunity to apologise to the wonderful folk who had the misfortune to listen 🙂

Been thinking about what holds me back in life (which at 40 may be a little late to start thinking about it now but hey ho )
Not all bars are physical items that one can break free from.. The most secure ones are those we make ourselves, the ones that keep us in line when there’s something that we want to do. In my case I have self doubt.. Immovable bars that no amount of pushing can bend or break.
I “try” to move them, to escape and hopefully release my full potential but no matter what I do they just get stronger

But I’ll still keep trying so bear with me 🙂

For you I wait..

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Time ticks onward..

Seconds and minutes dragging by..

Feeling like days as they slowly pass..

Tiny slices of life that should eternally flow into each other but somehow don’t…

Only when I spend time with you do they work as they should,

Work too good as they seem to merge into one blissful instantaneous moment that is gone too quickly…

Left with nothing more than memories until the next flash, the next heartbeat…

So for you I wait…

Justa does Buble

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A little messing about for a Monday morning 🙂 Buble never sounded so good….