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Behind the mask….

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized


A face that has been seen by few,
Liked by even less,
Eyes that have spilled tears down pockmarked cheeks,
A nose that’s not perfectly formed,
A mouth that even when smiling rarely turns upward.
A chin that deserves to be covered by hair…

None of these I wish to change..
This is me,
Take it or leave it

A touch of silk…

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A gentle caress..
A soft whisper as you brush over my skin..
Covering but still showing…
Yours for the taking….

Sinful Sunday


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I lie alone,
thoughts of lips I’ll never kiss…
Of fingers I’ll never hold…
Of eyes that will never gaze into mine…
Of a heart that I’ill never feel beat in unison to mine…

And I cry….

You saw….

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The words on this image came about after a conversation with a very special friend. Those who know me personally or those who have read some of my more depressing tweets/blog entries will know about my lack of self confidence (and the multitude of other issues I have) so it’s amazing to me to have met someone who sees past everything and makes me want to be “me” and not a fake “me”

So simply, thank you 🙂


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Not looking
nor searching,
just stumbled upon
A delicate flower
rising from the murk of the mundane.

Reaching skyward, filling the vision of everyone around.
Glowing bright against the drab multitude.
Your petals opening, sending reflections of light around you.

Desperate to reach across and pluck you from where you shine,
To keep you for myself
To hold
To tend and nurture

But I cannot, for I know that a plucked flower begins to fade.
So I leave you where you are,
Knowing that you will continue to grow and spread light and beauty.

I look on from afar, content to see you shine
Happy to admire you
Happy to marvel at your beauty.
Happy to see that without my interference you blossom.

Even though it rends me asunder,
I know this is the way it must be…

Thoughts and dreams…

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Images of you flash through my mind..
Even without seeing, i know from the smile on your lips that your eyes are alight with mischief..
Eyes that will never fall on my bare flesh.. Eyes that will never see their reflection in my own…
So I’ll lie here a while longer and enjoy the dream while it lasts…

Nice and easy….

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I know a few folk may have seen this before but I’ve had a hellishly busy week so no time to take a Sinful Sunday specific image (sorry)

Sinful Sunday


Ok it’s nothing to do with 3-sums (sadly) but thought I’d share my pic of Michael Madsen in his role of Mr Blonde from Reservoir Dogs.

Drawn on iPad with Paper app 🙂

Point of no return…

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Uncategorized


It starts with a thought..
An image of you,
Kissable lips,
A playful grin..
My hand slips under the waistband,
Gripping hard flesh as your image fills my mind with lust..
You course along my synapses, charging each with excitement and driving me further…
There’s no way I can stop this now..
Definitely passed the point of no return….

Sinful Sunday

Plump cushions….

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