Fantasy or Reality? when imaginations are stirred, lines become blurred… (the rewrite!)

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

The following passage was written by the lady in my version of this story. she IS a real person and knows more about my fantasy wishes than anyone else! I’m hoping to collaborate with her in more posts so I hope you all enjoy her words as much as I do.. Thank you dear Lady 🙂

  “She sat at her desk, idly scrolling through work emails. Her focus however, was fixed on her phone. She kept glancing at it, willing that light to blink. She couldn’t get him off her mind. Sure, she had never met her lover from overseas, but he had made her cum more times than she could count. They had shared many fantasies with each other…things they had never told anyone else. Over the past few days their conversations had centered around MMF threesomes. He wanted her. He wanted to watch her being fucked. Wanted to feel her warm mouth sucking and moaning on his cock while she was being fucked.  He wanted to watch her, to see what she looked like with another man’s cock in her mouth. He wanted to learn from her…
When he revealed to her that he fantasized about being with another man, she thought she might cum right there and then. They discussed sharing a cock together. How she would teach him and guide him through giving his first blowjob.
Once they had both cum, they continued chatting for a while and she asked him, “Would you really consider sucking a man’s cock?…..Turning your fantasy into a reality?”
It was quite late and she never did receive a reply…..until now. She glanced at her phone and there it was, that blinking light. With a tinge of excitement, she opened his message. It was a photo accompanied by one simple word, “Yes…”


  1. OHkls says:

    Very sexy!

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