Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


Not looking
nor searching,
just stumbled upon
A delicate flower
rising from the murk of the mundane.

Reaching skyward, filling the vision of everyone around.
Glowing bright against the drab multitude.
Your petals opening, sending reflections of light around you.

Desperate to reach across and pluck you from where you shine,
To keep you for myself
To hold
To tend and nurture

But I cannot, for I know that a plucked flower begins to fade.
So I leave you where you are,
Knowing that you will continue to grow and spread light and beauty.

I look on from afar, content to see you shine
Happy to admire you
Happy to marvel at your beauty.
Happy to see that without my interference you blossom.

Even though it rends me asunder,
I know this is the way it must be…

  1. I’ve admired this picture when you’ve posted it previously. I admire the words that go along with it even more. Simply beautiful…

  2. Stunning, I adore this poem. You capture the beauty perfectly. Xx

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