An epiphany…

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized


It’s easier to bare my body than it is to bare my heart or soul….

Folk care about bodies more than what’s inside. Never mind if that person cares for you or if they want to help others…
Lets just focus on the outside because that’s the important bit…. :/

Of course it makes me hypocritical as I constantly post pics of the “outside” but it would be nice now and then if folk would take the time to find out about the inside too…

Things about me you may or may not know or care about for that matter…
Nice bits..
I read books… Lots of books especially graphic novels and fantasy genres…
I don’t like football (or any sport really)
I’m married with 2 children
I enjoy art and performance arts in many forms.

Bad bits
I have very low self esteem
I form attachments to people very quickly
I possibly suffer from mild aspbergers syndrome (although never diagnosed and not as extreme as Dr Sheldon Cooper)
I have few people in my life I would consider “true” friends but those I do know who they are

So now next time you look at my pics maybe you’ll see more than the outside…

  1. I value you inside and out. I think you are wonderful xx

  2. It’s very hard in such a visual world (and medium!) to get people to notice that there is more than just this outside image that we project here in our blog spaces. I know many bloggers that do not post pics of themselves for that very reason. I post both because I am both – the outside me and the inside. It is typical though that the outside is what seems to garner more interest and attention. I am not afraid to admit that I happen to love that attention though, and that is why I post photos – I never had that kind of attention before – people always saw the “inside” and never the outside. So for me it is a good thing.

    You have to find a balance for yourself and that is good and right for you.

  3. lisa298 says:

    I’d like to think that I look deeper than the skin and I already knew you were married, a dad and that you read. I do love your photographs as you know, but I don’t like them because I get to see your body (that’s just a bonus) I like them because you decided not to hide. Your photographs are more than a snap shot of your outside, they are a stepping stone to you appreciating your inside. Body confidence is a huge issue that I deal with everyday, so when I see someone who says they don’t hold a high opinion of their own body put it out there for the world to see, as you do it makes me think that one day maybe I’ll be able to have more confidence in myself. We have followed each other for a while on twitter and I really do enjoy our friendship and hope that someday you will see just what a good person you are and realise that other acknowledge that. Xxxxx

  4. I think both are wonder, the inside and out. Lucky wife!

  5. Muse says:

    A beautiful and brave post. But it’s a funny thing this online anon world. The people I have met are more real, I feel I know more of their hopes and fears, than the people in my everyday. We reveal more of ourselves in our small everyday openness than I think we realise. Our ups and downs are not hidden, our hurts and happiness draw attention and genuine care. Who can say that of their passing everyday acquaintances?

  6. Scarlett says:

    Hugs! We share the same first 2 bad bits. :/ I don’t have very many close friends locally myself so I often feel like the stranger even in a room of casual friends.

    We like the same kind of reading material. πŸ™‚ I have comics and I’m a sci-fi/fantasy geek. :p

    Thanks for sharing some of your inside. I think some people are hestotant these days to make more in depth conversation over blogs and social media these days. That’s how I feel anyway.

  7. cAt says:

    A few questions, obviously you are free to choose whether to answer or not. What prompted this post / epiphany? How do we do this – “it would be nice now and then if folk would take the time to find out about the inside too…”? By asking pointed questions? One is always so wary of being intrusive. Lastly, it was “out of character” for you to post things about yourself. But much appreciated and interesting. We can only start “caring” when we are given the opportunity to get to know the person. When he / she freely opens up. And I have to say, you do sound rather low overall? Share…your followers are interested. Well, some of us anyway, probably not the spammers or sellers… πŸ™‚

    • What prompted post… Realisation that out of 360 followers on twitter only maybe 10 know anything about me or have actually cared to ask.

      Asking questions.. By all means please do. If anyone takes the time to ask I’ll happily answer, preferably not in public depending on the question but ill answer almost anything in DM

      Maybe I am a bit down overall, maybe mild depression etc I don’t know.. I have posted a similar blog earlier so maybe it’s to do with phases of the moon/tides/frequency of sound I have no idea.

      This wasnt written as a “awwwww go on, tell me I’m lovely” type post.. Was just the thoughts I had at the time that I wanted to share.
      If anyone reading this thinks I’m a dick etc then by all means tell me that too.

      Thank you πŸ™‚

      • cAt says:

        Well to be perfectly honest…I have just set-up my Twitter account, have followed you and others here on the blogs but am too darn shy to start spouting stuff at people, in case they think WTF? So…its a difficult / fine balance…and one doesn’t want to be forward. I can’t say to you “aw, you ARE lovely hun”, because I don’t have a clue what you are about. Just seems like you travel one helluva lot and like taking pics of yourself, some of which provide beautiful insight and perspective on the lifestyle that you lead. So looking forward to pics but also more words!

      • G says:

        One thing I’ve picked up on with blogging is that we all have these natural waves that come and go. I should have mentioned I’ve gone through this process too, and the first time I decided not to post any more photos of myself on the blog, because I wanted my writing to stand alone. But within a day my need to expose my body became strong and I realized that my writing doesn’t have to stand alone, I’m a blogger, I’m G, and people come to my blog because they like my unique perspective.

        I like your perspective, like I said in my other comment. It reveals more than you give yourself credit for.

  8. G says:

    Your artistic eye reveals much of what goes on inside your head. It is beautiful, sensitive, and thought-provoking. Behind the lens is just as important as through, and sure, some of us just go for the image, but I for one see much more about who is behind the camera.

  9. I completely understand your frustration. We do live in a highly visual world. Try being a woman on twitter! I share your first 2 bad bits (not that you’ve asked) & it’s only amplified by all the beautiful bodies being posted on my TL. I’ve posted my own pic as an avi & gotten less followers than my fake ones. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people like your outside. We’ve been following each other for awhile & chatted a bit but let me say, communication works both ways. If you want people to get to know you, you could reach out to them too. Xo

  10. *bibliophile over here waves hello to bibliophile over there*

    It’s always a delight to get to know another fan of graphic novels! I’ve been nuts for them since Apollo introduced me to them about a decade ago, although our tastes can diverge (he loves ‘Cerebus’ and I’m all over ‘Kabuki’). We are well over a bookcase, not including the single issues stashed under the bed…

    Sci fi is still my default, but I read a lot more than I used to, particularly since hitting my 30s. If you have author recommendations I will happily try them out!

    You are definitely more than your body – at the very least, the sharing of your camera set ups has shown that. I am delighted you’re opening up a little – and trusting us, your readers, with your insides as well as the outsides. Thank you.

    xx Dee

  11. Er, read a lot more FANTASY since hitting my 30s…

    xx Dee

  12. debradml says:

    Hi…I was initially attracted to your blog by the name actually as I love art and photography! To me your pictures are hot yes but a self expression and confidence that many of us don’t have about our bodies in this world….and frankly I have admired that about you! So not just the outside but the strength of the person within!

    I love this post and thank-you for sharing a bit about yourself and such a thought provoking topic!

    We all have layers, I don’t think I’ve met a person in my life who hasn’t and I like to think of it as our own unique lessons, gifts or fingerprint! πŸ˜‰

  13. Molly says:

    I am fairly sure you already know I have long been intrigued and would love to know the man behind the blog more…. I hope one day we might even get to meet in person.


  14. OHkls says:

    I’ve spent the evening re-reading/viewing some of your older posts. This one is by far my favorite. It’s no secret that I love your pictures, regardless of the content. I’m very envious of someone that has the talent to capture images the way you do. That being said, even though I love the pics, I love it even more when you write something to accompany them. Thoughts, poems, stories, whatever. It gives a little glimpse of what’s going on in your mind and in your life. That’s what I’ve connected with the most. That’s what makes me continue to follow your posts. You interest me, sir, and you make me realize I’m not alone in some of my thoughts and insecurities.

    Pictures of a beautiful naked man are just an added bonus πŸ˜‰

  15. OHkls says:

    You’re very welcome! Please don’t be a stranger…

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