Just a story……

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There she was.. Sitting at her laptop, her long hair pulled down over one shoulder as she sat reading the words on the screen from a guy she knew but had never met and was never likely to meet. Although their friendship had begun talking about random things it soon became clear that he wanted to chat about much more. His messages had started out in a cheeky fashion, a few innuendo laden phrases that put images in her head but nothing too much.. But over time his words had become more and more graphic.. Him telling her what he wanted to do to her… some things she liked but others not so much. Today was no different.. He was telling her how much he wanted to chat to her as she fucked herself with a vibrator, how much he wanted to make her cum with his words as he would never be in a position to make her cum by physical means. She told him that it wouldn’t happen but secretly she loved the idea… a complete stranger telling her fantasies that she could act out in her head with no shame or embarrassment since there was no one else in there but her to judge her… plus he’d never know that as they chatted she would sometimes have a little play…

She was toying with the idea of a play as she sat reading.. She only had a dressing gown on anyway so it would be easy to slip a hand between her thighs as she read the filth that he was sending her.. The conversation was about her sucking his cock as he held her hair, he went into great detail about how she would look as she sat on her knees in front of him and how her lips parted to take the head as she slowly wanked him. Although she wouldn’t admit it to the man, she loved sucking a nice hard cock… she loved the way it felt as it slowly pressed its way deep into her mouth.. The veins brushing over her lips as she took it hard against the back of her throat. She also loved the way she had power over guys simply by looking up at them as she sucked.. Her green eyes seemed to captivate men as they stared into the emerald depths of her eyes as she teased them with her tongue and lips.

She had been thinking about this intently and didn’t even realise that her hand had slipped between her thighs until she found herself pressing her thumb against her swelling clit through her white cotton panties….

She was broken out of her daydream by the doorbell “Who the fuck is that?” she wondered.. A little cross with the unknown bellringer as she could feel herself starting to feel more and more aroused as she read the messages on the screen in front of her. She pulled her dressing gown closed over her long shapely legs and went to the door. Just before she opened the door she saw the builders van in the driveway “Fuuuuuuuucccckkkkk!!! This is Wednesday!! I was sure it was only Tuesday!” panic ran through her as they would have surely seen her through the frosted glass of her front door…

She hoped the burning in her cheeks had calmed down from her play earlier as she answered the door.. She opened the door and there stood 2 men from the local builder firm, they had come round to give an estimate for some work she wanted done to her kitchen. She showed them in and as they passed her she couldn’t help but notice the trim muscled bodies that 20-something builders seem to have from working all day with heavy objects. “Fuuuuck!” she thought as they would pass the table where her laptop sat open… messages of cock sucking and fucking flashing across her screen. Sure enough the dark haired one seemed to pause as he passed the laptop. She could feel her cheeks starting to flare up again as he turned and gave her a cheeky grin. “too late to slam the screen down now as they’ll know I was up to something for sure… fuck it… I don’t care”, but even as she told herself this she could feel her cheeks redden further as he nudged his mate. “some light reading eh?” the dark haired one asked. She didn’t know what to say.. Did she admit that she was horny as hell since she hadn’t had sex since her boyfriend had cheated on her 3 months ago or did she tell him to mind his own business….

Without any connection between her head and her vocal chords she felt herself telling this stranger “well since no one wants to fuck me ive got to do it myself”, she couldn’t believe the words had fallen out of her mouth so easily and in front of 2 complete strangers standing in her house. The words had a huge effect on the men in front of her… for all their cockiness at seeing her screen neither seemed to be able to comprehend what they had heard. They looked at each other in stunned disbelief as this beautiful long haired, green eyed lady dressed only in a silk dressing gown stood there in front of them announcing such an intimate statement. This had a strange effect on the lady… a feeling of power over these 2 young men who stood in front of her… making her feel more and more confident in herself and what she could do…

She began to wonder what her internet friend would suggest she do at this moment… she guessed he would egg her on.. Try to get her to commit unspeakable acts with these 2 young men… as soon as she thought this she felt more and more turned on… “he’d fucking love this…” she thought as she found herself walking closer to the 2 men.

“cat got your tongues?” she asked with an air of arrogance.. “and here I was thinking you 2 might be man enough but I guess not…” she left the challenge hanging in the air for them to think about as she lowered her gaze, making it clear to both of them that her green eyes were slowly sliding down their bodies… assessing them as they stood shocked in front of her.

Regaining some of his bluster the dark one tried to recompose himself “why? wouldn’t you prefer my tongue instead?” he asked. “only if you’re any good with it” was the curt reply as she opened the dressing gown to reveal her body to him.. Her nipples stood stiff as they pointed to him… her breasts weren’t huge but pert…high on her chest above a slender waist and hourglass hips. Dark one stood there looking at this vision before him and he heard her say “go on then… prove it little boy!” and she grabbed his dark hair and drew his head down to her breast. She had no idea why she was acting like this but the more she thought about it the hotter she became… she loved this feeling of control over this young man who was now teasing her nipple with his tongue and teeth. She loved the way his tongue felt against her skin, the way he cupped her breast as he licked and sucked. She glanced over at blonde guy.. He was stood there watching.. Slowly rubbing his hand over his obvious erecting that was straining to burst out of his jeans.” go on then… get your cock out.. I want to watch you wank as he sucks my tits”. he quickly unzipped his jeans… letting them fall to the floor as his cock sprung out like a thin jack in the box. It wasn’t a huge cock.. Maybe 6 inches from root to tip but it was hard… so very hard as he began wanking.. She found herself watching his expression more than his hands, enjoying the fact that these 2 would apparently do as they were told no matter what she said…. “how far can I take this?” She wondered idly.. “you… blondie, get over here with that cock and stand next to me!” she ordered. Like a puppy he obeyed, still not speaking back to her but just nodding as he shuffled over to her. She took his hand off and began wanking his meat.. loving the way it felt as the skin slid over the hard shaft. She sat on a chair, still clamping Dark ones head to her tit, making sure he didn’t stop teasing her nipples although she did allow him to slip his hand down into her panties… the feeling of his rough builders hand pressing against her cunt felt so good. She dipped her head and ran her tongue over the head of blondies cock… it twitched at the tonch of her tongue and a long sigh escaped his lips “oh fuck!! That feels ficking awesome!” he gasped.. The first words out of her mouth were like music to her ears… she always enjoyed hearing how good she was at sucking cock. It was like an approval of her skills and she relished hearing it. Quick as a striking snake she thrust he head down on his cock… taking the length in her hot wet mouth until the head rammed against the back of her throat as she ran her arm round his back, drawing him closer. This got a very satisfying “YES” from the guy as his hips began to rock back and forth into her willing mouth. She let him fuck her mouth for a few seconds longer then withdrew the shaft from her lips… spit and saliva dripping from the head as she looked up at him with a cheeky grin “cant get you too excited just yet can we?” she uttered as dark one slipped a finger deep inside her wet pussy.

“right you… lets see what you’ve got!” she ordered dark one… he grinned up at her as he knew she wouldn’t be expecting what would come next. As he stood she saw a huge bulge in his jeans “holy fuck it’s a monster!” she thought to herself but no way she was going to lose her power over him. He was still grinning as he dropped his jeans in front of her “it must be about a foot long!” she cried internally.. She reached out and grabbed it, barely managing to close her fist round this fat cock and roughly pulled it towards her mouth. She just managed to get her mouth round the head but she wasn’t going to let him get the better of her now and she forced as much of it as she could in her mouth as she wanked off blondie to her left. She pulled blondi close to her mouth.. She alternated between thick and thin.. One after the other as she sat in the middle like a queen holding court. She brought them both together and slipped her lips against them both as her tongue danced in between them. She knew she had them both completely in her power now. As she sat there she wondered if her internet friend had ever imagined her like this as he wanked about her? She doubted it and that made her smile as she sucked both guys.
Suddenly she stood up as she wanked them both… she was so fucking horny now and she wanted that huge cock inside her…. She bent over and rested her hands on the chair.. Her ass pointing towards dark one “fuck me now and fuck me hard” she ordered him… “and you… get that cock back in my mouth”

She gasped as she felt Dark enter her.. The head easing into her wet cunt slowly at first… feeling it fill her as it slipped deeper and he grabbed her hips.. Drawing her onto him he began to fuck her harder. Drawing his huge cock almost entirely out before slamming it back deep and hard. She tried to stifle a scream by ramming her head down on Blondies cock but it still managed to come out in a feral “YES!”
She was amazed at how she managed to take the whole length of him.. She could feel him ram the monster inside her.. She knew she would be sore later but at this point she was past caring.. She just wanted fucked over and over by this man. “STOP!” she cried and threw herself forward to release herself from the meat inside her. “Lie down on the floor!” she told him… obediently Dark did as he was told… looking down at him she ran her foot over his cock before lowering herself onto it still keeping hold of Blondies cock as if to steady herself with it incase she toppled over.

She loved how this massive dick filled her as she began to ride him.. His rough hands reaching up and grabbing her tits as she went back to sucking blondie. Dark squeezed her nipples between thumb and forefingers as he bucked his hips hard and made her jump on his cock. she was fucking loving this.. Loving the way she felt..the way the cocks felt in her mouth and cunt. Suddenly Dark grabbed her arms and pulled her down onto him… her nipples pressed hard against his chest as he kissed her savagely and continued to pound his cock into her. She forgot abourt blondie for a minute as she concentrated soley on Dark.. Feeling his tongue in her mouth and his cock deep inside her was ecstasy.

She felt Blondies hands on her hips and wondered what was going on before realising what was to come next…. She felt the head of his cock press against her tight ass. She started to object.. She’d tried anal in the past and wasn’t particularly fond of it, she didn’t like how it sometimes hurt. Blondie began pressing deeper into her,…she moaned loudly and started to try easing herself forward but dark held her in place both with his arms and cock… she couldn’t move as blondies cock filled her ass. But surprisingly even though it hurt she felt so full it was good… it felt even better as they began to alternate thrusts… one going in as the other slipped out… she could feel the cocks inside her rubbing over each other through her thin internal walls… her mind was doing cartwheels as she was fucked mercilessly by these 2 strangers… she felt her body starting to quiver as wave after wave of climax began washing over her… she could feel her pussy gushing over the cock inside it and found herself pressing back hard on the cock in her ass….suddenly blondie began to convulse and she felt a huge stream of cum fill her ass..and a moan of pleasure escaped his lips… at this Dark began speeding up his thrusts….she knew he was close but she didn’t want his cum inside her.. She wanted to taste him as he came..

“get up NOW!” she ordered.. She was taking back control.. She wanted this on her terms again..

He scrambled to his feet and she instantly rammed her head over his cock hard… she slid her hand up his thigh and as he facefucked her she slid a finger in his ass, pressing hard on his prostate… it had exactly the effect she wanted.. His hips bucked forward and unleashed huge splashes of cum inside her mouth.. She struggled to swallow it all as it seemed to keep coming, over and over with every thrust of his hips another splash in her mouth…

Soon it was over… she had taken charge of the situation and it had a VERY pleasant ending…she felt that she had turned a corner in her life.. No longer would she be the timid little mouse… she had tasted power and she liked it…

But the question is….would she tell her Internet friend…..

  1. lisa298 says:

    Wow, seriously WOW! I loved that, I really really did. I’m so glad that you shared that with the world xxxx

  2. I do love this story 🙂 xx

  3. merdeomerde says:

    cazzo!! perfetto!! An erotic ride worth reading and reading and reading…salute!

  4. an erotic masterpiece. x

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