Lighting diagram for tomorrow

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here’s the first lighting diagram that I promised, it’s for tomorrow’s Sinful Sunday image but it should give an idea (plus its the same set up for the last pic I posted on here too.

2 speed lights were used. As I primarily use off-camera flash I use two cheap flash units from eBay (£30 each) and they are triggered by cheap eBay triggers too (you can see a pattern here!)

First flash is fired across the body from maybe 8 feet away. It provides the hard shadows on the body. (If a large light source is used, for example a soft box a bit closer, the shadows become soft. Small light source = hard crisp shadow) The second flash is approx 8 foot in the air on a stand pointing down at the shoulders to provide a rim light which separates the body from the background.

If I didn’t use this then the body would kinda merge with the background.

Processing-wise there wasn’t a great deal done at all. A slight boost in contrast and some cloning to remove the light stand from behind me.

And that as they say is that 🙂

Easy pea


  1. Going to read this thoroughly tomorrow.. easy pea indeed.. 😉

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